March 19, 2007

Tandem Flights

Cost $209 Drive out to meet us at Treble Cone / $249 with pickup and return from Wanaka. Flying is subject to weather conditions.


High above the valley you’ll put on harness, helmet and gloves, your pilot gives a comprehensive briefing and after some double safety checks you’ll simply walk then run…and you’re airborne. Relax back in the comfortable harness, it’s smooth, quiet… pure flying! Cruise along the valley walls and right beside two massive waterfalls. Choose a gentle descent or wingovers and spirals to land softly down next to your car.
You’ll be airborne for 15-25 minutes depending on conditions and your choice of descent method.The entire trip takes 2 hours from Wanaka back to Wanaka or 1 hour from the Landing Field at Treble Cone.
Bring a camera along and get some great shots of your feet looking down on the waterfalls. Or your pilot can take unique photos in-flight using a remote controlled camera on an extending boom, this is an $60 optional extra recorded on a SD card you get to keep.
Wanaka Paragliding is NZ’s Highest Tandem Flight at Treble Cone Launch Altitude 1100m or 800 metres (2400ft) from takeoff to landing in the Matukituki Valley. Big is Best when you’re choosing where to fly.
  • $209 meeting at Treble Cone or
  • $249 with pickup from Wanaka in our PSL Licenced Van and return via Taxi.
VISA or Mastercard welcome.
Allow 25min to drive from Wanaka. We will confirm the exact meeting time when you book.
To meet us at the Landing Zone, pickup a copy of the free Wanaka Map and follow the directions to Treble Cone Ski Area, an easy and very scenic 19km drive along Mt Aspiring Road, past Glendhu Bay and into the Matukituki Valley. Look for the spectacular Twin Falls on your left and turn in through the Treble Cone Ski Area gate. We’ll meet you here and transfer up to take off in our van.
From Wanaka at 8:30am. We can pick you up and drop you back at your accommodation via Taxi, allow 2 hours for the entire trip which costs $249.
Morning Flights are often more reliable but we fly all day. Ring 0800 359 754 and we can check the forecast. Tandem Paragliding is available all year around.
From Treble Cone you may want to carry on and explore the valleys great walks, extensive rock climbing and world class fishing. canyoning and jet boating is available in summer and in winter Treble Cone has superb skiing and snowboarding. The Mt Aspiring National Park is just half an hour down the road and you make like to combine your tandem flight with a short hike.
Bring along a camera or have your pilot take in-flight photos for you, sunscreen is a good idea.
Wear sturdy footwear, hiking boots are perfect if you have them but running shoes are fine, slip on shoes or sandals are not a good option.
Some layers of comfortable outdoor clothing a fleece and windproof are ideal , we supply the rest including lightweight gloves in summer and thicker fleece gloves in winter.
Bring sunglasses if it is a sunny day, prescription glasses or contact lens are fine to wear on your flight.
Maximum passenger weight  is 100 kg. Please enquire when booking if you are close to our limits. Minimum is 35 kg and only available in light conditions so please enquire when booking if under 45kg. You are weighed before flying.



Before flying please check your pockets for keys, wallets or small change that could drop and injure some one below.

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